Fix Dings, Dents and Scratches on Your Walls

Rely on us for drywall repairs in Shreveport, LA

Maybe you were hanging a picture and your hammer swung too far left, or maybe roughhousing got a little too rough. If there's a hole in your drywall, you can rely on J.Z. Painting & Remodeling to fix it. Our drywall repairs look seamless. We'll fill in holes and match the paint color for a pristine appearance. The tape and float drywall repair method we use ensures a smooth surface so the paint won't crack.

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Get rid of old wallpaper

Give your walls a fresh look with our painting services and wallpaper removals. We know the proper way to get rid of wallpaper without doing any damage to your walls.

Other ways we can improve your home include:

Fixing plaster
Creating textured walls
Scraping away popcorn ceilings

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